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No one can foresee how their life circumstances will change in the future. Although no one would choose for their marriage to end in divorce, people change and grow apart. Despite their best efforts, some marriages end in divorce. Not only that, but if one of the spouses were to pass away, there is already a plan laid out. Prenuptial agreement and postnuptial agreements are both ways to avoid disputes and confusions if something were to happen. It brings clarity and stability to a marriage, especially if there are children involved.

A postnuptial agreement is similar to a prenuptial agreement but is drafted after rather than before a marriage. It covers issues such as spousal support, child custody, and visitation rights. If there is property belonging to one or both of the spouses, you will be able to decide beforehand what will happen to that property should you separate. If your divorce case goes to court, they will decide what happens to your assets under equitable distribution of assets unless you have a postnuptial or prenuptial agreement.


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