New York Commercial Litigation Attorney


New York City attorney Andrew J. Spinnell has represented landlords and tenants in business and commercial litigation since 1983. We provide legal guidance in all aspects of commercial and business disputes and evictions, from unlawful subletting to cases involving illegal use of premises. We know how difficult and challenging negotiating the maze of landlord and tenant laws can be for both commercial tenants and landlords, especially in New York City.

We are knowledgeable, tenacious litigators and are responsive to the needs of your unique case. We represent commercial landlords in all types of matters. For instance, our firm represents landlords against tenants who have not paid rent and must be evicted. We will take action against tenants who have misrepresented the nature of their business. And of course, we will fight against tenants that refuse to vacate the premises after their leases have expired.

Our practice also includes representing commercial tenants in all types of circumstances. For instance, if your landlord has not given you proper notice, we will represent your interests. Our firm can represent tenants who are facing Notices to Quit, or tenants that need an Order to Show Cause.


Our history of client successes has earned us a well-regarded reputation as well as referrals from both clients and fellow attorneys. We know the challenges of maintaining or developing a successful commercial property or real estate concern in New York City. We know the blood, sweat, tears and dreams that go into building a business from the ground up. We are excellent, reassuring sources to turn to for both prosecution and defense in commercial and business disputes.

For more information regarding business and commercial disputes, please contact a New York City commercial litigation attorney at our office today.