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Lying about your finances never pays. When a spouse’s net worth statement is permeated with fraud, the assets that were not disclosed can later become known and be held against them by the court. At The Law Offices of Andrew J. Spinnell, LLC, in New York City, we pay close attention to all financial disclosures required in a divorce. This protects our clients from having potential allegations of financial fraud made against them. It also helps our clients achieve favorable outcomes in their divorces. Putting false information in a financial affidavit (not disclosing assets you really own) is punishable by the courts. If you believe your spouse is failing to disclose important assets, you need to take immediate action.


Litigation involves a great deal of paperwork and legal documents, all of which contain countless details that all must be ordered and accounted for. At The Law Offices of Andrew J. Spinnell, LLC, we place great importance on these documents. Our founding New York City divorce attorney Andrew Spinnell, began his career in academia as a Columbia-educated professor. Academic success taught him how to write compelling legal arguments. These arguments are what give our family law firm an edge in New York City courts.

When necessary, we partner with financial professionals, including forensic accountants, who are trained to closely examine documents to uncover marital fraud. Together we scrutinize tax records, bank account statements and other financial documents for inconsistencies. Often, marital fraud occurs when a couple owns a small business together. Spouses may document that these businesses are taking a loss when, in fact, the profit is being carefully hidden.