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The Manhattan Law Offices of Andrew J. Spinnell, LLC will stop at nothing to pursue any kind of civil rights violation or police brutality case. These laws are put in place for a reason. Any violation of the laws of due process or any other constitutional right must be addressed swiftly, aggressively and responsibly. We will hold those responsible accountable for their actions – no matter what it takes. Call us or e-mail us now to obtain a consultation about your case and to learn your rights.


Our law firm has a broad scope of practice in the area of civil rights violations under the Federal Statute 42 U.S.C.1983:

  • Police brutality, assault and the use of excessive force
  • Civil rights being deprived in jail or anywhere, anytime
  • Unlawful imprisonment, searches, arrests and false arrest
  • Beatings or other malicious actions by corrections officers
  • Inaction by prison authorities that lead to civil rights violations
  • Lack of medical treatment or basic necessities provided to prisoners
  • Prison gang beatings


We know the system and we understand how hard it is for someone who has suffered police brutality or some other abuse to fight back on his or her own. We have the power, profession, legal know-how and track record to help you.

We will travel to jail, the hospital or wherever you need us. We will learn the truth of what happened to you. We will be sensitive to your situation. We will make arrangements that work for you. Our principal attorney, Andrew J. Spinnell, has earned widespread recognition for his handling of legal cases that include civil rights violations. We will hold those responsible accountable and do our best to see that you are compensated for your trauma on all levels.

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