New York City Contested Divorce Attorney


A contested divorce is used to describe cases in which the parties involved cannot successfully come to an agreement about the decisions involved with the termination of their marriage. When two people decide to dissolve a marriage, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all aspects regarding the divorce will be agreed upon. In fact, this is often not the case. Many instances of separation require an unbiased third party that can mediate the hot topics of discussion between a couple that is splitting up. A New York City divorce attorney can offer thoughtful guidance on the important decisions that must be made.

The termination of a marriage has the potential power to dramatically alter the lifestyle of a family that faces it. That is way Attorney Spinnell and his associates take the time to listen to their clients. We are just as dedicated to your future well-being as we are to own. We apply our years of experience to aggressively negotiating on your behalf so you can confidently put this behind you.


Divorcees of a contested dissolution are unlike those of no fault or uncontested divorces. The mutual agreement to end a marriage does not always translate to other issues that must be included in the divorce settlement. For example, there is no guarantee that you and your spouse will be on the same page concerning issues such as who should get the house or who is going to take over the car loan that is in both of your names.

Grounds for divorce will vary, but the ultimate distribution of equitable or complex assets and the final determination of child custody and support matters must be acknowledged and accepted by both parties. The enforcement of prenuptial agreements, marital agreements, separation agreements and postmarital agreements should all be managed by a professional with experience. Issues such as those described above can quickly become heated arguments if not handled appropriately. Therefore, it is essential to acquire the right legal help.

Laws govern the final determinations regarding many of the decisions involved in a divorce. However, the terms of a divorcing parties’ settlement agreement are taken heavily into consideration. For this reason, it should be the goal of the negotiation process to come to an outcome that will sufficiently address your emotional and financial needs.

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