Modification of Child Custody

When a couple that has a child or children decides to divorce, there is a need to establish custody and support agreements. While it may be in the family’s best interest for parents to separate or divorce, it nonetheless will have an effect on everyone involved, including the children. It doesn’t matter if the split comes after a decided amount of time apart, such as in a no-fault divorce, or if it occurs after a hotly disputed contested divorce. Either way, the family division will naturally lead to a change in parental roles and influence, making it necessary to legally decide upon and enforce agreements that will regulate the rights of parents after the dissolution of the marriage is complete. In matters of child custody, a family attorney can help negotiate the terms of settlement and make sure that there is room for modification, should it be necessary.

After a marriage has been over for a while, family members may realize that the original stipulations of their custody agreements are no longer applicable in the same way as they once were. For example, the relocation of one ex-spouse may make visitation rights more or less possible depending on the move. Furthermore, the alienation of one parent may lead to modification of the custody agreement that allows for a more equal division of time. There are a number of circumstances that can happen over time that require legal modifications to a custody agreement that has become outdated. Fortunately, an attorney can help.


Whether you have been divorced for years or it was a recent split; whether the dissolution of the marriage resulted from a contested battle or an uncontested agreement, a divorce professional may be needed even after the marriage is over. Time brings change and change can sometimes require modification to previously stipulated agreements, such as those established in child custody.

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