What is enforcement of child custody?

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) was established to create continuing and lasting court jurisdiction in issues of child custody. Essentially, the uniform act allows courts and legal defense to play a part in the stipulations of a child custody agreement that was drafted at the time of divorce or separation. Custody agreements can include many specifics that are essential to maintaining a familial lifestyle after the divorce has been completed. They can also serve as a way to ensure that one parent does not have has much influence as the other in matters that involve making legal decisions regarding the children. Variations will differ depending on the capabilities of each spouse at the time of the split as well as the agreed upon circumstances documented in the agreement.

Even when a custody agreement clearly defines the specifics of relocation, visitation rights and more these governances are not always followed by one of the parents involved. Sometimes, custody agreements mean little or nothing to a parent who has decided that they do not agree to its terms. However, if the agreement has not been modified it is expected to be heeded as is. When a parent fails to do so, a divorce lawyer can help ensure that it is enforced and properly abided by.


Once you have navigated your way through a divorce and the marriage has been successfully terminated, you might not think that you will have any more need for the legal services of a divorce lawyer. Yet, when matters of child support, custody and spousal support are components of the divorce, it is unlikely that you will be ending the relationship you have established with your attorney. Unfortunately, the terms of a child custody agreement are often not properly followed by one or more of the children’s parents. When this is the case, or in cases that require financial support of the children or an ex-spouse it may be necessary to maintain contact with your divorce lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Andrew J. Spinnell, LLC our attorneys can assist you during the process of your divorce, as well as after it is complete. We are an experienced family law firm known for our meticulous attention to detail and personal care. These skills do not end when your marriage does. We remain faithfully by your side to help guide you through any stirrings that may arise in the aftermath of your divorce. This may mean enforcing the terms of a child custody agreement or modifying them to fit your new lifestyle. Whatever you need, we are here to listen and help.