New York City Divorce Attorney


For some couples, after time is spent trying to work on marital problems or personal differences, you come to the conclusion that divorce is simply the best option. There may not have been a specific instance why; there may be no one valid point; but for whatever reason, you have realized that your marriage is over. Once you have reached this decision, it is time to include a New York City divorce lawyer into the equation of a problem for which you have just begun to solve.

Obtaining a dedicated professional that you can trust to remain loyal to the goals you have throughout your divorce process could make a world of difference for your future. Whether you live in Manhattan, New York City or somewhere else in the state, you deserve to be listened to by a professional who can address your concerns and help you reach a solution that works for everyone. There is no reason that you should be denied some sense of ease during what is probably a stressful and challenging time for you and your family.


It used to be that for a couple to divorce in New York, they would need to establish grounds for the dissolution of a marriage. This could be cruel or inhumane treatment or adultery. Even if they both agreed to the terms and it was an uncontested divorce, the couple was required to live apart for a year under establishments put in place by a legal separation. New York recently adopted a no-fault approach to divorce. Spouses are now allowed to terminate their marriage after declaring that it has been irretrievably broken for six months or longer. However, even when a couple decides to terminate the marriage, there are still matters that need to be discussed and decided upon before the process can be made complete.

An attorney at the Law Offices of Andrew J. Spinnell, LLC can help you work through issues related to divorce; issues such as the equitable division of property and assets and spousal support. Determining how to handle these matters will allow you to draft a no-fault agreement that defines the terms of the settlement. If you have children, you can also receive help in reaching an amicable agreement regarding child custody and support.

Let a responsive and dedicated professional help walk you through the steps of a no-fault divorce. Contact a New York City divorce attorney to learn more.