New York City Same-Sex Marriage Attorney


Same sex marriage became legal in the state of New York on July 24, 2011. This recent monumental passage has resulted in a number of former unwed gay couples, some who may have previously been in a domestic partnership, to become legally wed. As a result of the new law, many people throughout the state have been taking advantage of their newly found right to wed their loved ones.

Unfortunately, as is true of all relationships, there is a chance that the marriage will not last. No matter how happy and in love a couple may be at the time they are legally joined in marriage, times change, feelings subside and for some, divorce ensues. Instances that require the dissolution of marriage can range from a tolerable separation to an extremely emotional termination. No matter how the end of the marriage plays out, it will be important to secure the experience of a New York City family lawyer to ensure that the process is handled legally.


Legally, when it comes down to resolving the issues of a divorce, there is no difference between that of a same-sex marriage and that of an opposite-sex marriage. Both unions are subject to the same potential strife that can accompany the termination of a union. Sometimes this means that an attorney will have to take on the complexities of a high net-worth divorce; other times it might mean that a contested split will need to be handled. There are even cases in which child custody issues such as visitation, relocation and support may be to be established.

At the Law Offices of Andrew J. Spinnell, LLC you can find a family law firm comprised of legal associates that are ready and willing to take on the dimensional aspects of any case. In business since 1993, the firm and its team of divorce lawyers have acquired years of personal experience that will help better support the nuances of your case. There is no time to waste when considering separation or divorce, whether for a same-sex or opposite-sex marriage. Contact a Manhattan family attorney to begin preparing your case.