NYC Weatherman and Estranged Wife Involved in Domestic Dispute

A weatherman for a New York City TV station is facing serious charges relating to a domestic violence incident with his estranged wife. B.E., 52, and his 48-year-old wife, D.E., have been involved in ongoing contentious divorce proceedings. The two were married for nearly 19 years but the relationship apparently turned very sour. The two got into a heated argument over something concerning B.E.’s car keys. D.E. reported that B.E. punched her in the eye which caused her to fall down and suffer injuries to her hand and collar bone. B.E. states that she attacked him and caused bleeding and bruising. He contends that his estranged wife reached down the front of his underwear and scratched his scrotum causing it to bleed. She then beat him on the buttocks with a wooden hanger repeatedly until it broke. The hanger left several black and blue marks. The two kept fighting until their children stopped them, according to reports.

The incident occurred in late May but Police did not become involved until several weeks later. B.E. turned himself into authorities in mid June and his wife reported the incident and turned herself in the following day. Both spouses were taken into custody and later released after agreeing to appear in court. They have been charged with disorderly conduct and third degree assault. They recently made their required court appearance on the matter where a judge reaffirmed mutual orders of protection that had been established. The two are forbidden from being in contact with each other until the order is lifted.


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