The Effects of Bankruptcy on Divorce


When a couple or individual files for bankruptcy, it can create an automatic stay that stops creditors’ abilities to collect money outside of the bankruptcy proceedings. This can have a huge impact on a divorcing couples. At the Manhattan Law Offices of Andrew J. Spinnell, we represent clients throughout the New York City metropolitan area in divorce and bankruptcy matters. We are dedicated to successfully resolving your case while keeping your best interests in mind.

As an experienced legal team, we can help you examine your divorce from a financial perspective. We will talk with you candidly about the effect that bankruptcy may have in your particular situation. Bankruptcy, for example, cannot wipe out a child support obligation. It can, however, wipe out debts owed by you personally. Lying about your finances never pays. When a spouse’s net worth statement is permeated with fraud, assets that were not disclosed and later become known can be held against that spouse by the court.


At our firm, our founder NYC divorce lawyer Andrew J. Spinnell, is a consummate professional with a 24/7 devotion to his clients and cases. He strives to provide each client with a winning strategy, working with them even after normal business hours and on weekends to help achieve the best possible results in family and divorce law matters. Mr. Spinnell believes in leaving fault and emotions outside the courtroom door so that you can focus on the divorce process and solving financial problems related to it. This is the best possible way to truly receive a fresh financial start. If you would like more information regarding the effects bankruptcy can have on divorce, please contact a divorce attorney from our firm as soon as possible.