New York City Grandparents' Rights Lawyer


Every family is different. Sometimes, in the life of a family, parents become unable to care for their children for one reason or another. Sometimes, the reason is alcoholism or drug addiction. Other times, a behavioral health or a financial issue prevents a parent from fulfilling his or her role. Families in these situations have options under New York state law.

At The Law Offices of Andrew J. Spinnell, we can help them exercise those options. We represent grandparents and parents throughout the greater New York City metropolitan area, helping our clients achieve the best possible results in child custody matters. When a parent has passed away, the remaining parent may try to push grandparents out of the lives of their grandchildren. By statute, grandparents have a right to visit with children in New York State. A family law attorney from our firm helps clients make an application to the court to assert those rights.


Our founding attorney, Andrew Spinnell, began his career as a Columbia-educated college professor. His experience in academia taught him how to write effective and compelling arguments. As a lawyer, he draws on these skills to develop legal arguments that protect the rights of our clients, even in areas where the law is still evolving. Most notably, Mr. Spinnell developed a novel legal argument that he used to successfully ask the court for deposition testimony to be taken out of turn before the party died. This successful result was featured on the front page of The New York City Law Journal.

We understand that, while the laws are written in black and white, the way they apply to real life situations varies. We understand the seriousness of the family relationships they affect. For this reason, we fight hard to protect our clients’ interests in New York City area courts.