Domestic Violence & Spousal Abuse


Domestic violence is any physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual violence committed against a member of one’s household. This can also extend to partners or family members who do not live at the same residence. Whether it is physical violence, harassment, or stalking, domestic violence has no place in a family. When your relationships involve any element of violence, you need to take action to make it stop. We work with clients to stop domestic violence, helping them obtain orders of protection against abusive spouses or partners. These orders, often referred to as restraining orders, can be granted by divorce courts, but criminal courts may also sometimes be involved depending on your situation.

An order of protection is a powerful document that can affect many parts of your life. In addition to keeping an abusive spouse or partner from causing you harm, it can limit his or her involvement with your children or their ability to enter the shared or marital home. An order from the court may also keep your spouse from dissipating marital assets prior to distribution of assets in a divorce.


In a divorce, allegations of domestic violence may play a crucial role in how certain issues are resolved. For example, domestic violence may drastically affect child custody and visitation. For this reason, it is critical to work with an experienced Manhattan family attorney who can handle all aspects of your family law problems, including both domestic violence and divorce. While orders of protection are often used with abusive husbands and wives, they can also apply in abusive situations involving non-married couples who live together or with couples who have children together. If a spouse or domestic partner is abusive, you can take action. You owe it to yourself and your family to protect yourself from violence. Let us help you fight for you rights in any area of family law.