What Are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

If you and your spouse are divorcing, consider using the method of mediation to end your marriage. During mediation, you and your spouse will meet with a trained mediator to negotiate a divorce settlement that is agreeable to both of you. Once the divorce mediation process is finished, the mediator will file the divorce paperwork and agreement with the court.

There are numerous benefits to using mediation for your divorce, including:

  • Control over the process: During traditional divorce proceedings the outcome of your divorce and settlement are largely determined by a judge who does not know your family and your unique circumstances. Mediation, however, gives you and your spouse control to create a divorce agreement that suits your family.
  • Privacy: The mediation process will only involve you, your spouse, and anyone you would like to have present, such as your lawyers. Your life and the terms of your divorce will not be addressed before a courtroom full of people.
  • Less costly: The traditional type of courtroom divorce battle is often very expensive, and you and your spouse will have to pay for court fees and your private attorneys. Mediation is far more cost-efficient and allows you to protect your assets and divide them according to your family’s needs.
  • Less impact on your children: Although children are understandably anxious and upset when they learn that their parents are divorcing, mediation can make the process much easier for them. Instead of watching their parents fight before a judge and hear them bad mouth each other, your kids will see you and your spouse working together. This can help calm their fears and reassure them that they will still have both of their loving parents in their lives even though some things are changing.
  • Reduced need for modification: Divorce settlements ordered by the court are based upon state laws and the opinions of a judge who does not know your family and your specific situation. Because of these factors, in many cases the divorce agreement becomes outdated and unsuitable for a family after a short time or a number of years and requires modification. By working with a mediator to create your own divorce agreement, you and your spouse can work to form an agreement that is right for you and your family’s unique needs and situation.

If you are considering mediation for your divorce, call our proven team at the Law Offices of Andrew J. Spinnell, LLC to learn how you can take advantage of these and the various other benefits. With the assistance of our New York City divorce lawyer, you can pursue the focused and calm method of mediation to effectively and peacefully dissolve your union. Contact us today to discuss your circumstances!