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Modifying Child Support Orders

As time passes after a child support order is issued, family circumstances sometimes change. With such changes, the need for child support or one's ability to pay child or spousal support may change. In the state of New York, courts grant modifications to the original stipulations of some child support agreements, as necessary. When there is a change in circumstances that was not anticipated when the divorce agreement or child support order was issued, modifications must be allowed for.

The purpose of child support is just as it sounds: to ensure that the child or children of a divorcing couple does not financially, socially or psychologically experience the effects of their parent's divorce in a negative way. If this means establishing custody or determining the need for child support, so be it. The New York courts of law want the same thing as parents, and that is the best care for children. Therefore, the legal system allows for adjustments or legal enforcement to make sure that this happens. Most often, the modification and/or enforcement is best served by a family law attorney.

Enlist Knowledgeable Counsel

Many people are nervous about going back to court to resolve support disputes — especially if they must face an estranged spouse after a divorce. While New York requires that you and your ex-partner attend every court appearance, it may be possible to make special accommodations, such as putting each of you in separate conference rooms in order to negotiate an agreement.

At the Law Office of Andrew J. Spinnell, LLC our attorneys help individuals make upward and downward modifications of child support orders. We handle orders that were made in conjunction with a divorce as well as child support orders issued outside of the marital relationship. We will also attend hearings with you, protecting your interests and making sure that things run as smoothly as possible. These efforts are meant to make you feel as confident as possible that you will achieve the best possible results during your legal visit. Get the legal representation and caring support you deserve, and get them all from one place. Contact a lawyer from the Law Offices of Andrew J. Spinnell to find out how.